Holiday Kicks!

Jumpsuits have arguably helped prove that fat girls can rock the hell out of rompers just like other fashionable straight-size counterparts can. While jumpsuits are still some of the fashion world’s favourite onesie — it at times has been difficult for me to understand if at all I will be able to continue to rock them at a fuller-size. In the past few months I have faced struggles; I still face them now and would continue to face them. I have gained weight due to unusual stress at work, warding away from exercise and diet. There are so many other struggles, which would be very tedious to list down.

So I do love this knotted floral jumpsuit but the fit isn’t perfect. I bought a size bigger than I should have, in anticipation that the ‘right size’ will be tighter on my curves but, that wasn’t wise. As you can see the suit is a little long. I ended up wearing it for the shoot but nevertheless will get it tailored at the waist and the hem subsequently. But hey..its for one of those days you’ve been out to dinner or on a date and suddenly (after too much pasta) your jeans don’t feel right! Well you’ll never have that problem with this jump suit, because its so comfortable that it’s basically pajamas!

So as the holiday season has kicked in, its all about looking cute and fun! I love being able to stroll up to a holiday party and be the best dressed one there, but I’m also really into being the actual life of the party … and that sometimes means being able to break it down on the dance floor. Hence, a jumpsuit is the easiest outfit ever! You don’t need to accessorize, just pull it on and you’re out the door. Mine is slightly too big but the belt helped take things come in control. Honestly the jumpsuit doesn’t need much to complete a look.

What I Wore:


Earrings: Zara

Shoes: Charles & Keith

10761604192_IMG_1945 3.jpg

10761612736_IMG_1923 3

10761974096_IMG_1930 3

10761973424_IMG_1928 3

10761611968_IMG_1935 3

Hope you enjoyed the post –


Till next time, soon! XOXO

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