Summer Child

Think summer, and I go back to my childhood and the summer vacations. As I hail from a small Tier II city, I along with my friends from the same generation (the 90’s basically), had witnessed the golden summer days. Our houses had spacious grounds. So as soon as the vacation began, all the children in the neighbourhood used to get together at somebody’s house. Playing all day long in the dust and sun was a crucial time for bonding, sharing and growing up together. We didn’t have air conditioners at our homes, till we passed out of high school. We didn’t have summer camps as well back in those days. So, earlier we looked forward to the season, which is not the case now. Nowadays most children prefer to stay indoors, hooked to their gadgets and there’s hardly any interaction among kids who live in the same residential area.

The season isn’t the same anymore and the unbearable heat takes its toll on our every day lives. Currently, the retail fashion spectrum is booming with dull greys, sepia beige and browns, and several shades of whites for summers. To perk these up, there are floral motifs and quirky prints or placement embroideries adding a spark of colour. Summers in Delhi are sort of close to nightmarish for me. I sweat a lot, and my sensitive skin is prone to sun burn. At work, I find it difficult to wear anything apart from kurtas, loose tops and palazzos with open sandals. For times, outside work I prefer wearing light breathable tops, billowing skirts and dresses, and denims.

Dressing for summers, for me means practical and comfortable. Your personal style is all about ownership and how well you carry off what you wear. Comfort and practicality is key. Here are my key mantras while choosing what all to include in your summer wardrobe.

FABRIC: In a tropical country like ours, stick to natural fabrics that let the body breathe. Cotton, linen, lightweight jute, and chambray are sensible options. Traditional weaves such as Khadi, Chanderi, Kota are ideal for our climate.

PANTS: Wide legged pants or trousers and jumpsuits are perfect for summers. I am not a very big fan of culottes, but they are a hit too!

TONES: If opting for colour, stick to a neutral or pastel colour palette that reflects light the best and keeps the body cooler compared to the darker shades. Go for loose fitted, roomier and flowy silhouettes to let your skin breathe.

STRIPES, FLORALS & PRINTS : PLAY with the stripes (nautical, bold, anything you like!). It is surely going to win you some compliments. Florals are classic for spring-summer. Generous heaps of floral prints on A-line dresses and skater dresses with bell sleeves (flaunt these stylish sleeves all this season) work splendidly for the season. Also, give a shot to quirky prints of puppets, animals, geometry or fruits.

My outfit for today screams of summer! I have paired a Strawberry print weaved cotton t-shirt with side striped pants. You may also go for any basic striped tee or floral shirt instead. On normal summer days, you would ideally find me with my sneakers or brogues on but, instead I added a pair of solid black heels. I kind of like how this outfit strikes a balance between chic and athleisure. If you travel often, add a pair of comfort shoes, and this might be your next airport look. I hope you enjoyed this post and would give this look a try.

I love hearing from you, so please drop a line if you like the post! I’ll see you soon!

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What I Wore:

T-Shirt: Shein

Pants: Stalk Buy Love

Shoes: Street Style Store Official

All Pictures by Chinmaya Parija

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  1. Brevenchy says:

    Really love the pants 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
    -Brian M

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  2. Not just your blog reflects about childhood but also your print does. This look definitely is refreshing and I’m now looking forward to copy your style 😀 lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw..that’s very sweet of you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pleasure is all mine this time 🙂 I’m glad I came through your blogs <r

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