Confessions of a Gypsy Soul

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In the past one year I have travelled to 6 different places and the new year too seems to have prophesied that I will be far from being stationary anytime soon. I’ve realized that all I want to do is go new places, meet new people and explore! Workwise, it has been hectic since the second leg of last year, and it would continue to be so. Yet, I am trying hard to keep up with the consistency of my blog; there are so many travel experiences I want to share, and am also keen on expanding the blog by publishing my travel stories.

In the modern and complex world of social media, the definition of ‘personal’ has changed.  One good thing about it is you feel like friends to people you’ve never met before. But tragically enough, we tend to seek tokens of validation based on how many likes and followers we get from strangers. I sometimes feel lost among the smiling beach faces, fresh peonies next to expensive sunglasses and a plate of cupcakes, is this the real picture of happiness? When your phone is dead or there’s no wi-fi around, will these same things really make you happy?

Today’s post routes out from a different story, about a strong and compelling woman, like several of us, living in the demanding, overcrowded and ever so chaotic cities and running errands at work and home. But deep within, there’s a fire burning, which pushes her to explore beyond boundaries. A girl who could do anything she sets her mind on and loves to prove a point to the world. She’s adept at giving presentations, yet secretly romanticizes unknown road trips.  She loves to share the pretty and happy parts of her life, but unequivocally doesn’t question her self-worth based on her online acceptance.

To bring out an outfit, which is true to the character, I stretched myself to dress as effortlessly as possible. Intrinsically, I am not a laid-back dresser. Much thinking and ado, goes behind my outfits, though comfort always tops my list. I am wearing a Chikankari top, one of my favourite rotational pieces in my wardrobe, with plain white Palazzo. To top up, I am wearing a vibrant tribal printed over-sized jacket, which adds a whole new dimension to the otherwise plain outfit. The vibrant jacket, sets a fresh gypsy and carefree appeal to the overall look. To top it up, I’m wearing huge, chunky Chandbalis for the wanderer look. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!

I love hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to drop a line below on the comments section! Till next time, bye and good luck!

What I Wore:

Top: Lucknow

Palazzo: Max Fashions

Jacket: Shein

Shoes: Westside

Accessories: Janpath

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All Pictures by Chinmaya Parija

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