LBD: Little Black Dress Ft. Shein

Hi my loves, how’s it going? We are already in a new year, can you believe it? My first big hello and tightest hugs for 2018 to all of you. I am so happy and thankful for all those who have visited this page and appreciate all the little things I do.

To kick start 2018, I am here with today’s post, which is quite special. I’ve been planning to blog on a Little Black Dress a.k.a LBD, since ever. But never really did because, though I have quite a few black dresses in my closet, I never came across a perfect one for me. So as the literal name suggests, a LBD is a little black dress, which happens to be the ‘go to’ outfit in every woman’s closet. However, metaphorically, a LBD is really a last resort dress that works whenever you can’t figure anything out. If you look at it, its always good to have one dress/outfit in the back of your closet (probably something simple) that you can throw on when you really don’t care but still want to look good.

After spending several hours of harrowing online window shopping, I finally came across what seemed to be a perfect LBBD (read: Little Black Blazer Dress) at Shein. If you may ask, what exactly is a Blazer Dress? Its just a Blazer long enough to be worn as a dress. See pictures here. I’ve been looking for a Blazer Dress, and couldn’t be happier bumping onto one! This particular piece seems like a hybrid with structured pleats on the edges, giving it a perfect flair without overdoing it. I love how it is subtly edgy, a little intimidating, yet exudes power and also unapologetic in its sensuality. I have kept the whole look really minimal with no big jewelry (as usual*)!

P.S: it took a great deal of courage to wear this dress and brave Delhi winters at approximately 10 degrees! So I really hope you guys enjoy the pictures! I’ll see you soon with yet another exciting post! Till then, lots of love and good luck 🎈🎈

What I Wore

Dress: Shein

Shoes: Streetstylestore

On my lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in shade San Paulo


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All Pictures by Chinmaya Parija

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