Core Closet Essentials: Wintering in a Jacket

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll know that of late I have decided to refrain myself from buying any new clothes and instead utilise my existing closet. The foundation of this advice is creating a core closet of pieces that I wear often and in many different ways. Being someone who has keen interest in fashion and beauty I realised I end up accumulating things I probably don’t even need. And as a result, my bank account depletes with my wardrobe suffocating. So here I am with one of my first posts on how to make the most of your wardrobe and maximize the possibilities of your closet.

I believe in spending more money on the pieces you wear frequently, or at least buying the best quality you can afford. For example, I’d tell most women to spend more money on a pair of jeans than a little black dress. If she’s a career girl in an office, then I’d say put that money into a classic pencil skirt or a trouser and jacket that looks good with 10 different blouses.  You get the idea, right?

Coming back to the post, my wardrobe skews to the casual side of things. The following pieces are basics that I wear the most (read: fun and colorful) clothes. As winter sets in, a jacket is something that’s going to be an indispensable part of your winter style. Today, I’ll use one jacket and create 4 different outfits with it! Excited? Read on…

First Look

Easy & Sophisticated = Jacket + Maxi Dress

When it comes to versatility, Maxi dress is something that can work with almost everything else in my closet. I’ll style it with shirts, shrugs, jackets, literally everything. It layers well under other core pieces or on it’s own in warmer weather. If you only have one, aim for florals in a soft fabric.  My favorites have always been from Vero Moda. I’m pairing this vibrant Fuschia Jacket with this floral beauty and the result is drop dead gorgeous!

Second Look

Classic & Casual = Jacket + White Shirt + Denims

Whether you’re in an office all week or at home with your kids (or somewhere in between) I think most women have the occasion to wear a pair of jeans. I’ve always advocated for buying the best quality you can afford and if it’s just one pair, I’d recommend a medium to dark wash skinny/slim fit (whatever is most flattering for your bod). These look best when they hit right at the ankle and you can style them with flats, heels or tucked into boots. In addition to a great pair of blue jeans, a classic pair of black pants are a great foundation piece.  You can wear them year round with either sandals or heels or tucked into boots. My current favourite is a mid waisted pair of distresses jeans from Vero Moda. Nothing makes me feel instantly cool and glamorous like a pair of sunglasses. I’m wearing my everyday shades from Rayban.

Third Look

Modern Ladylike =Jacket + Floral Shirt + Maxi Skirt

If I could only have two core bottom pieces, I’d pick jeans and a black Maxi skirt. I really like a full circle Maxi skirt, but a pencil or short flared version might work best for you. This is a great piece to dress up or down for work or play. Depending on whether you wear more black or brown, I’d also suggest a well make pair of leather boots or oxfords in that color. Shoes are the most important place to spend your money because they absolutely get the most wear and tear. Plus a good pair of shoes can be maintained and worn for years. I’m pairing the jacket with my favourite floral shirt from Wills Lifestyle. The skirt is from Westside.

Fourth Look

Laid-back Chic = Jacket + Dress

If you’re someone for who doesn’t like spending too much time on your outfit, there can be nothing better than a combination of a jacket and a short dress. This particular dress was somewhat lost in the depths of my closet. I remember getting it from Sarojini Nagar, and worn a couple of times. I decided to throw it in while planning today’s post. The outfit is perfect for laid back brunch or day outs over the weekend.

Clothes matter a lot to us and adds to our personality. But it’s equally important to get more mileage out of everything in your closet and not blindly adding useless pieces into your wardrobe. I’m inclined to do more posts on core closet ideas in the coming months. Let me know your thoughts and ideas. Meanwhile don’t forget to like, comment and follow my blog. Follow me on Instagram @srirupa.b and on Facebook @fashionmoreorlessblog for daily outfit ideas. Till then cheers and good luck!

Pictures by CHINMAYA Parija

Instagram @chinmayaparija85

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