Nothing but Neutrals: Little Brown Dress

Okay this is a rather unplanned post. 

I really am not in love with the idea of dressing in one neutral color head to toe. I do realise that It’s an easy modern update for wearing basics and have seen several people slaying in neutrals. Unfortunately I have never been able to quite find myself for neutral colours, be it clothing or make up. 

You will typically find people preferring neutral colours in fall or winter. Nevertheless, I thought of going ahead with this colour in sizzling summers..well, what’s the harm in experimenting!? I’m never too comfortable with wearing bodycon dresses but hey.. all you need to wear is your confidence! 

Instead of going head to toe in same colour, I had chosen to pair it with a grey (another neutral colour) gladiator sandals.  

What I Wore:

Dress: Singapore

Sandals: Street Style Store

Shades: Ray Ban

Lips: Kylie Lip Gloss ‘Literally’

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! I’ll be back soon with yet another one..

Till then, love. 

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    1. Glad you liked it! Thank you


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