Plaid, Not Plain: Perfect Summer Outfit

These past few days I’ve usually been very laid back in general. Mainly because I have been keeping unwell for quite some time (quite the reason I haven’t been blogging) and also because of the tremendous heat that’s been ongoing here in Delhi.

So, I finally decided to jerk myself up and catch up on making some posts for the blog. This time, instead of putting a lot of effort into ideating an outfit, I decided to go with a comfortable, casual uniform of sorts. Honestly, I am a shirt person, and a plain cotton shirt along with a pair of denims is usually my ‘go to’ outfit when I barely feel like dressing up.

File_000 (8).jpeg

File_002 (6)

I love patterns. Patterns are always good in making a solid statement in your outfit. While fall is the easiest time to get creative with patterns as you can work with layers, in summers, you can always downplay with a plaid or printed shirt with a solid accessory, paired with jeans and shoes of your choice. You can actually go crazy with pattern play.

I wore this plaid shirt so many times and I think I’ve found a new favorite shirt… so I’m quite sure to see this one worn to death over the next 3 months! I’m a big fan of a casual button up and jeans, but today I thought of giving it a little twist by dressing them up with a chunky chandelier earrings and my favourite pair of jooties. In an attempt to shake things up I wore it with dark blue skinnies instead of black leggings. Easy and!

I’ve brought this up a little in the past, but wearing lipstick makes me feel like a total babe! Today I’m wearing Color Bar Fuschia and it makes even jeans and a plaid shirt feel so much more glam.

File_000 (6).jpeg

What & How to:

  • If you are unsure of wearing patterns, try a Flannel (like the one I’m wearing) and tie it around the waist of a bodycon dress for a casual babe look
  • Layer Plaids with Solids for a silent statement. Chunky Earrings, Bauble necklaces or Charm Bracelets – all work
  • Pick one Plaid accessory or outerwear – such as a Plaid Scarf, a Plaid Skirt or a Plaid Shirt and plan your outfit around it. Don’t Overdo
  • Let your Plaid do the talking as the featured outfit piece against dark jeans, black or brown or blue, or even a jacket


What I wore:

Earrings: Amazon
Plaid Button Down: H&M
Denim:  Stalk Buy Love
Jootis: Lajpat Nagar

Bag: Charles and Keith
Lips: Color Bar Fuschia

File_001 (5)

File_002 (4).jpeg

File_003 (2).jpeg

File_003 (6).jpeg

File_001 (6)

File_001 (9).jpeg

File_002 (9)

File_003 (3).jpeg

File_001 (7).jpeg

File_004 (1).jpeg

File_005 (1).jpeg

File_000 (4).jpeg

File_002 (7).jpeg

File_003 (5).jpeg

File_003 (4).jpeg


Are you Mad about Plaid yet?? 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and will find it useful. I’ll be back soon with yet another exciting post and easy styling tips. Do follow me on Instagram @srirupa.b and on Facebook @fashionmoreorlessblog.

See you soon! Lots of Love



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  1. You look so cute! Obsessed with those earrings.

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  2. Love how you have combined ethnic accessories with western wear 🙂 You look great!

    Liked by 1 person

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