Colourfully Mine: HOLI Yay !!

Yes, I love colours. I don’t see a reason for anybody to not like them. I like wearing colourful clothes. I love colours on my face! Oh, my painted lips, my tinted eyes, by blushed cheeks! They give me power, make me feel confident and beautiful. They tear down my inhibitions. No, I don’t paint my face to hide my insecurities. I paint my lips because I want to. Because I choose to do so. Saying all that, I also do not believe, that people who don’t like make up are incompetent and not beautiful. It’s about what you choose to be. 

Coming back to why exactly I’m writing this post today. Just as I mentioned earlier, I like to put colours on my face because they make feel beautiful. But that doesn’t authorise any individual to smear me with colours without my permission or consent. It’s been almost seven (probably more) years in Delhi. And every year, there this one time, when I, among several other women I know, dread to go out – even to work. Why? – because it’s Holi. Because it’s that time of the year, when people around here just assume that they get the rights to smear you with paints and colours, throw colour-filled balloons at you without you consenting for it. And, it thrills me to the core to think that how they find my consent so unnecessary. 

It will all start a week before Holi – even before you realising that March is setting in and the festival’s nearby. The colours will come to you when you’ll be unaware – probably while coming back from work, or going out to fetch some groceries may be. Some of the balloons will come down crashing on you in the middle of a market, making you a stream of coloured water – you are just appalled, your mind and body trying to regain control over itself – your dignity wounded. You’ll look around trying to find out and probably confront the person behind this but in vain. Because that person has taken refuge behind a wall on the 3 storey building beside you. The ‘enemy’ has no visibility. You’re blind. 

I remember since my college days in Delhi University, Holi was that day of the year when the lady police officer along with her cadres would patrol around all the women’s hostels in the campus. Venturing out of the hostel premises would be a strict no-no, lest somebody forcefully smears you with paints. I was a teenager then, and here I am in the last leg of my 20’s – but hardly anything has changed. My opinion still doesn’t matter. Because, ” Buda Naa Mano Holi Hain!”

I’m not against any festival or against any individual celebrating it. I’m against those who refuse to take my permission before imposing it on me. I don’t have a problem with people celebrating Holi on the day but yes I have issues when you target me unaware several days ahead of it. Yes, you might tell me it’s mostly the kids and young ones in your family who should be allowed to have their share of fun. Yes, absolutely – kids should have fun. But as most of us gradually make our transition into parenthood, I guess it’s very crucial to make our kids understand the importance of ‘consent’. Let your colourful festival not be a reason for somebody else’s fear. 

Holi is a wonderful festival celebrating the colours of life, and it gets even more beautiful with happy faces enjoying it. So this year, here goes my ‘Holi Face’. I have created a very quirky and colourful look as I prefer staying at home and putting colours of my choice on my face! I wish all of you a very happy and colourful Holi.. and Don’t forget to share your ‘Holi Face’ with me..! 

Loads of love till next time! ❤❤

Picture Courtesy: Anwesha Chakraborty

Shot on: iPhone 7

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  1. Avant-garde says:

    I love this lip color … it looks amazing on you 🙂
    Have lovely weekend ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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