Trend Alert: How to Style Duster Coats

Hey, loves! I really missed all of you.
At the outset, I am so so sorry for posting after what seems like ages (a month to be accurate)! I’ll never justify this slack but I can promise all of you that this won’t be repeated and I’ll be much re regular from now on. As most of you are aware, I have a normal 9-5 job and the only time I actually work on my blog is the weekend. So, this 9-5 job had been very hectic and couldn’t make myself sit and write something. Nevertheless, I have realised that no matter how busy I am, at my age I cannot really afford to miss out on doing the things that I really love and enjoy; Travel and Fashion are those two things that I can never really give up! I won’t give up on these two as they make me the happiest. Because these two are intrinsic to my life. 

So, with this new year I can promise all of you being much more regular with my posts. 

Anyways, coming back to this post and talk about Duster Coats. A duster, is a light and loose fitting jacket / full length coat. They are typically slit up the back or in the front. Duster coats are not new yet a constant favourite in the fashion and style industry and you’ll see a lot of celebrities wearing them. It may be summer, or light winters, you can always cover up with one of these.

When, Where & How (WWH)

To be very honest, duster coats are really not ideal for covering up during peak winters, especially if you’re in the northern part of the country. Dusters are usually best in light summers and autumn. Dusters are usually perfect for a brisk night, or windy day, it compliments every outfit – trust me on that! 

It’s also a great travel companion as it’s very light and can be worn in flights and anywhere else. It’s a great cover up while you return from a club or a party, as it looks equally gorgeous with dresses and skirts.

Fortunately for me, it was comparatively warm in Delhi today and I found ideal to create a look with this Red Duster Coat I got recently online. Trust me I don’t have anything of this colour in my closet and am all heart eyes for this one. 😍😍

So the hero of this look is obviously this red duster coat. What I most like about it is the colour (obviously!) and it’s satin texture. It’s so light and breathable and equally fun and can be paired with literally anything that you’d have in your closet. I styled it with this must have black leggings and a black velvet camisole. To complete I added my patent leather boots and I was good to go.

What I Wore

Duster: Stalk Buy Love

Camisole: Incense Store, Delhi

Boots: Carlton

Hope you guys like the look. You can create several outfits with Dusters, by pairing it up with short dresses, ripped jeans and flared pants. I would recommend wearing heels with these as they would give your figure a better stature considering the length of such coats. 

I will be creating some more looks with this Duster on my Instagram so don’t forget to follow me there @srirupa.b

Also please don’t forget to share and follow and comment if you like my posts. Your love really means a lot!

Until next time, love you all! I’ll see you soon ❤❤

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    1. Thank you @supersweetserendipityblog

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  1. pinkroad says:

    Not only you look lovely, this post was very informative. And I can totally empathise with you on working 9 to 5 and then also following your passion. It is challenging but you got to keep going. Good luck, girl!


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Glad you liked the post! – Love your work too!


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