Get Ready With Me: Twist it the Desi Way!

Hi guys, hope you had a great weekend because mine was awesome. I just needed a break from day to day life and if you guys are following me on Instagram you might know I have been sneaking out of the routine life and travelling here and there (precisely, that’s the reason for a much delayed blog post. Apologies). In the past 15 days I have spent my weekends outstation, including in Pushkar (Rajasthan) and Jim Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand). Don’t we all just enjoy such impromptu vacations? – Just make random plans and run away?? But, alas, all of us have to come back to the grind. Anyway, getting back to the post.

Fall is here, and the best part about this whole season, is that it’s full of festivities and WEDDINGS! But what is indeed painful, is to decide what to wear to such weddings and visit every store in the city with the chance of finding some exclusivity (also within budget!), even if it’s hidden in one corner. My aim has always been to find some stylish pieces that would tick the conventional box without compromising on the contemporary one and help me put together my festive wardrobe.

I always wanted to experiment with Indian styles and its variants but never got the chance to actually implement through clothing . Fortunately, this time when I visited Pushkar, I got my hands on an amazing lehenga skirt from a local lady at the Pushkar Trade Fair at a steal away price. So this time, for a friend’s wedding, I decided to create a modern yet ‘desi look’ with the things available in my closet and it seems like it turned out pretty well.

The goal was to create a modern day look with a blend of some ethnic colours and accessories. I came up with this from Westside stores. With this look, I quite liked to fuse my style into one another, which matches my taste.

I created my look keeping traditional colours in mind but opted for modern silhouettes. Balance is everything! I started by opting for this gorgeous crimson skirt with intricate hand embroidered details, a simple cotton crop top to create a strong silhouette. I love how flowy yet very streamlined the skirt is at the same time. To go with it, I opted for a pair of red peep toes. To add some bling, these multi-coloured bangles and an intricate gold ‘Gota’ minaudiere that I borrowed from my sister. For me, it’s the little details that make your outfit different from the many others so never compromise on that! I am in complete awe of this look and can’t wait to wear it to another wedding soon.

What I wore:

Skirt: Pushkar

Top: Westside

Shoes: Nine West

Minaudière: Borrowed

Even you can create a similar look and rock your friend’s wedding. You may not opt for a skirt as heavy as mine but anything that makes you comfortable. Just remember, balance is everything in your outfit. If your skirt is heavier in detailing, try to pair it up with a simpler blouse/top. Do let me know how you liked this post and do share your comments. Follow me on my Instagram @srirupa.b for more stories!!

I’ll see you very soon with another interesting story…I promise!! Till then, I love you all and God Bless!!



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  1. glamupyourself says:

    u r looking just awesome


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