Love me some layers: FALL-ing in Style!

I’ve always been a spring child but hey who doesn’t like Fall?? Here in Delhi, winter has a mood of its own. But FALL IS SO MUCH FUN!! When it comes to dressing up, Delhi winters are just perfect. That’s the only time people in Delhi actually get the perfect opportunity to LAYER and Slay!! 

So, this recent change in the temperature got me to layer my outfits. While it’s not yet time to reaching out for all of the layers & boots & scarves & coats, but I could definitely do with a cape or a jacket. Well, while I was on a ferocious rampage in my wardrobe, I stumbled across two dresses lying down in oblivion. One didn’t fit me, another I forgot I had ever bought (I basically didn’t like it after I bought it and was too lazy to return! 😳🤔).

Hence, 2 useless dresses = 1 very tasteful outfit!! (Thanks to layering!)

I tried to give it cool and casual look by styling it up with a pair of sneakers. A dark lip colour on the lips and I was all set to roll! 

Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope it would inspire you to create a similar look out of anything that you have in your wardrobe. Let me know what is your style of layering and shoutout if you want to see more of stylising outfits in layers. 

I’ll come back shortly with a new post till then do checkout my previous posts! Also come follow my actions on Instagram @srirupa.b

See you all soon..much love to all! 

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  1. pinkroad says:

    That lipshade from?


    1. ‘Beet It’ from Lime Crime cosmetics


  2. Beautiful Indeed ! Dolled up !

    Liked by 1 person

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