On Weekends: We Explore and wear Maxi Dresses

Weekends for me are being in bed till late, get dressed and brunch out. And yes, exploring the city with my beautiful roomie. When it comes to getting dressed for days when I’m mostly going to be out, I prefer draping myself with something that is light, breathable and that has colour describing my mood. For me, comfortable clothing is hands down maxi dresses. They are my favourites (*just like anybody I too feel they have been made just for me) which make me feel so relaxed yet confident. I personally believe that there can be nothing better than a comfy maxi dress that lets you run around freely and also makes you feel extremely feminine. 

Also, you can easily pull them up to a pub as well for an impromptu pub crawling in the evening. This particular outfit is so comfortable and light that I can even go to bed in these (yes, I literally can!)

What I wore: 

Maxi Dress: Empress Pitara www.empresspitara.com

Shoes: Zebba shoes (Instagram @zebbashoes)


Although the weekends are fun, off late (since the time I’ve taken up blogging seriously),  I utilise most of my free in brainstorming and working on new outfit ideas and blog posts. But as they say when you’re doing what you love, even work doesn’t feel like work. 💁🏼📝

Anyways, what do you do on your weekends ?? Tell me so I can live vicariously! Don’t forget to give this a thumbs up if you like the post and do check out my Instagram feed @srirupa.b 

Love you all❤️❤️

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ruchira Chatterjee says:

    Love your new look.


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